Saturday, September 30, 2006

It's Show Time!

My first Blog. I'm a virgin Blogger. I will do my best to write something once a week so readers will feel and read what is going on in our naughty retail world, no matter where I am in the world. I think I can give our website a human touch that says something about the company, its management and simply adds some needed here I go.

Well that's me in the Dominican last year. My buddies and I go there every year for intensive golf which means 36 holes a day for 13 days! Now that is crazy, ask any golfer. I look like a beaten golfer in that photo (even tho I won the cash), but to me that photo says a lot.

The past 6 months have been extremely busy at AWN. I have a team in place I am extremely proud of. They are a dedicated group on individuals that make it happen. We all believe in the same thing. With the addition of some key new employees in the past year or two, we will only get better and better. Our direction now is to provide you our customer with superior customer service thus Creating "Raving Fans" as we call it in our internal company newsletters. We are in a unique industry where we really have to treat each customer in a special way due to the sensitivity of our business. You might not be shy, but the next customer is very shy, so we do our best to make everyone have a great time in our stores. I'm very proud of that. New and interesting innovative products, superior customer service, and employee training is a winning formula for success and we strive for this everyday. My corporate hierarchy triangle in upside down. I believe my front line sales associates who deal with you the customer are number one in the company.

In one month, we will have completed the Toronto Sex Show and two new store openings, in Ottawa, and St. Catherines. The Toronto Sex Show is amazing in itself. It's worse than opening a store as we have only one day to set up. When its done, you can't believe your eyes that this was done in one day. This year my Director of Communications, Mercedes will be doing some Free Seminars, and with her communication skills, she will put on quite a show as she does every year. We are very proud of her. Jim my General Manager is the person responsible for everything at AWN including design of the booths and every year he comes through with something that blows me away. Oh, and one more guy I can't forget is Jason. He is our Web dude. Without him, I wouldn't be writing this. The whole website is Jason's work. He is our man. I'll be at the "Everything To Do With Sex Show" everyday all day long, I love it there. See you there.

My job is fun. I sell toys. I make toys. I often traveling to China to create product, packaging and ensure growth in AWN retail and web. I work to one day realize a dream that this business will be totally accepted as mainstream. I will continue to pursue this dream through clean, bright stores that are both male and female friendly...and its working. We've gone from 55-60% male customer, to 55-60% female customer. A lot of our customers now are couples. We love that and we're not getting there, we are there in our minds. As I jokingly tell my staff, the only guy left in a trench coat is myself. I'm often asked why don't we expand more? The simple truth is there are still landlords out there who don't understand us and will not let us lease their properties. However, in the past few months that is even changing for the better! I am so excited about our future!

On Wednesday, I'm off to fabulous Las Vegas for the Lingerie Show (tough life). I'll keep you posted on what's up there in my next blog. Hopefully I'll get a few games of golf and I'll beat the dam Keno game again.



Anonymous Daniel T said...

Great post Steve. I am a frequent shopper of both your stores and website. It's nice to see you trying to reach out to your customers. I'll check back next time I'm browsing the site to see whats new.

8:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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