Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Everything To Do With Sex Show

Its Show Time for AWN! My staff have been working their butts off the past week. Last Friday, pricing was finished at 12:00am. Everything is on track for this show. Setup is Thursday and Friday its Rock and Roll.

It is a time when AWN shines. Its about displaying and showing the public who we are. We want more than just a happy customer, we want a Raving Fan.

This year, we are doing more than just the AWN booth. Our tee shirts Sik World are so hot in our stores, we decided to have a booth. If you want a laugh, drop by and read some of the sayings or better yet, buy one. They are simply hysterical. The Liberator ( is an awesome piece of equipment that every healthy sexual home should have. The line mainly consists of Ramps and Wedges. Take a look at this Video I took it at a sex show in Denver earlier this year, and we sold out of everything at this show. Drop by and see what I'm talking about. The Ultimate Personal Shaver is also ours too and finally we have hot DVD's at incredible low blow out prices.

This year we have Mercedes Jones who is our Communications Director. She will be doing what she loves, Seminars. She enjoys standing in front of a crowd of any size and wowing them with her humour and product knowledge. She is so entertaining, that I even sit in once in a while. For more information on Aren't We Naughty Seminars, check out the Seminar Schedule.
All of our staff is on alert this weekend. We work hard, and we play hard too. I thank them all for their dedication and pride. Jim, my right hand man did it again with an awesome booth and much more. We've done our job. Now bring on the people! Toronto has never let us down. Its has the best attendance of any public sex show in North America, hand down! Way to go TO.

So here we go, its SHOW TIME! See ya next week.


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