Saturday, October 14, 2006

Las Vegas Lingerie Show

I travel to Vegas 3 times a year. You know it doesn't matter how many times I come to Las Vegas, I love it.

This years Lingerie Show was busy once again. Seems like I'm not the only one who loves Vegas. I have to agree with a statement a friend said to me once, that I have the life most guys dream about. Good family, healthy well mannered boys, both in their mid teens, and a beautiful wife who just keeps getting better. Seems once in a while, I look up at her in the morning as I'm wolfing down my Mini Wheats, and say, wow, I thought these looked tasty honey. Ok, thats not the most romantic statement, but hey laugher is a high priority with me, and there is nothing better than a morning smile. Most important, we all have our health.

Back to the Lingerie Show. Since I had my Blog in mind, and camera in tow, there seemed to be an awesome amount of attractive young ladies wondering around in exotic Lingerie this year, willing to be photographed! Could it be I was just more aware? I took pictures of everything including potential products. Some I just can't show for competitive reasons. As I cruised the show, my camera never left my hands. The ladies were so hot, my zoom lens wouldn't go back in. Kidding aside, its brand new, boasting 10 whopping meg - just in case I need to blow up those beautiful bodies. Here is a few photos: Las Vegas Lingerie Show.
Look for some great new lingerie coming in to Aren't We Naughty for Christmas and Valentines day. Our industry is so exciting and it never stops creating. Just when I think what else can our industry create, someone comes up with something better and that goes for both Lingerie and toys. I just saw a new line of toys that are different and unique and we will have them in within the next three months; with a tease preview at the Everything To Do With Sex coming up on the October 20th at the Automotive Building at the CNE.

Our wholesale/manufacturing sister company BMS Enterprises introduced their 3-Speed Coloured Bullets at the show. This is product is cool, really cool. The bullet we have now is silver, and perhaps too powerful for some, but this new bullet has 6 sexy colours as you can see. Press it once and its on low, press it again and its medium speed and the third press it is rocking! Perfect for first time users. Two other products we promoted were The Ultimate Personal Shaver and The Elite Quiet. We will have the Ultimate Personal Shaver at a separate booth once again at the Sex Show this year where we will offer arm demos. The product has some minor enhancements in the past year to make it the best intimate area personal shaver in the world in my opinion. Now the Elite Quiet Vibrator is a work of art. So quiet and elegant. I don't know if the link below is 100% complete, but check it out anyway: Elite Quiet Vibe.

All are simply awesome products and should be in most AWN stores soon and definitely at the Everything to do with Sex Show next week.

I'm late and now writing this on the plane in my notebook as I thought I'd be blogging it in my room. However in Vegas, you're never in your room.

I can't wait to see my family, been a long week.

Oh, if you come to the sex show, say Hi. I'll be the guy in the trench coat.


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