Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bad but Good

Yes, this is the time of year when golf season is over and all of us golfers put our clubs away for the season, however we are in the midst of an Indian Summer so they're not away yet. The bad part about this time of year is the lack of sun light. I mean around 5:00pm its getting dark. How bad is that? The positive part to all this is its Christmas time and that makes me feel good. I'm also getting closer to a golf vacation too. I'm fairly deciplined in business and my practices, but have a weekness for a friend calling for golf. What time is my usual answer. Moreover my wife, never nags me about it, ever. What a great life!

Our Ottawa store is slow to open. So many city issues to cover, but things are looking good. As fate happens, I got a call yesterday from an old business colleague in Ottawa who is experienced in the business and is looking for a job in Ottawa. I told her the position is filled but I will pass on her number and her history to my management team. So our newly hired store manager in Ottawa, just as she is 65% trained, which took a two weeks quits today. So my old business colleague's timing maybe perfect, after all, who knows. It would be nice if it works out and she shines at AWN. So far its a wonderful story. I have a feeling Ottawa will open early December. Its exciting.

Wait until you see the new stuff coming in for Christmas. My buyer is awesome and the increased sales at all of our locations reflect this taste. I thought I was good. Drop buy and see some amazing styles only available at Aren't We Naughty.



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