Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Final Thoughts on the Sex Show....

Ok, I've been busy but I must confess, I've taken a few days off. When someone calls me to play golf I can't say no. I guess I'm a golf slut and have been for years. What can I say, the weather wasn't bad.

The big deal yesterday was The Rolling Stones. I had a friend get me some awesome tickets for them who were to be playing in Vancouver on Friday November 3. They just postponed their stop in Vancouver until the November 25 but I'll be in Hong Kong then. I had to give up my tickets to my staff members who worked exceptionally hard and deserved a treat. I felt great doing that.

Well I thought a fun yet informative video outlining our participation in this years show would be appropriate. The team I had this year was so good! The merchandising in our booths was exceptional as you can see in the attached video. All my staff put in a solid performance. I was there for every hour as I am every year. I love it.

In the office I try to always create a fun atmosphere. I have a few simple rules. For example, arrive at least 15 minutes before work to prepare, don't be late, and put forth your best effort and always think quality. I don't care if someone makes a mistake, I make them all the time. I just do not accept lack of effort. All in all, we have plenty of laughs in the office, as you can imagine. Anyway, check this out what I received on my Blackberry yesterday while on the golf course. It was part of a joke that I received as an email and I of course sent it around to my staff. They took my photograph and make the photo ME! I can tell its not me because I hang it on my right shoulder. The below photograph is not me. It is only for humour purposes.


Blogger Daryl Sedore said...

Are you sure that's not you. 'Cause I would swear it was the left shoulder due to you golf swing at the tournament last year.

Heh Steve, just wanted to say hi...


7:27 PM  

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