Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Flying to China

Today is November 22. I missed my flight to Hong Kong On November 20. I showed up at 9:00am for a 9:45 am flight and I was toasted by Air Canada. See they closed the flight, and if I had carry on, I could get on, but it was because I had checked baggage. It was my fault, so I went back to my office to see what Aeroplan could do with me which is usually nothing. Then the lady says she found a flight. I felt like I won a lottery. She found me a seat on a flight through Chicago with only an hour layover, then on to Hong Kong. Trouble was when I went to check in a day later, United Airlines, the ticket agent told me AC didn't issue the tickets yet and I'd have to go to the ticket office and get that sorted. I showed up at the airport at 8:40am for the 10:00am flight which is normal for me. I'm experienced enough to know three hours early us usually way too much and you fight the crowds. Anyway, by the time it was sorted out. I was on the plane with 5 minutes to spare. Too close for comfort. I think I'm going to bump up my time to 2 hours ahead. Airports are getting too stressful.

So I'm in the air now and let me tell you. I wish I was on Air Canada. This 747 is old. The service is ok, but the food was poor and selection not close to Air Canada. Asia airlines such as Singapore are the best but Canada isn't too bad folks. Now I know why Air Canada wins awards. We should be proud. Sometimes we don't know what we have until we look around.....

I have lots of product to make this time around. Some final touches to my Ultimate Personal Shaver, and my awesome graphic department have come up with some great 3D product views for my manufacturing people in China to make molds from as the more information they have the better it is.

Update: I'm in my room now and let me tell you, this room is awesome. I just came back from a from breakfast and checking out my new Trimmer which was given to me last night from my supplier. It is yet another improvement to The Ultimate Personal Shaver which is a product developed by my sister company. It was given to me last night when I met my supplier for dinner. Wow is it good. Production of this work of art will start soon. The product now is awesome.

I'll update you when I get back from todays meeting. So it took over 24 hours by the time my wife dropped me off and I finished dinner and was in my hotel room. By the way it is 25 and sunny. Have a nice day! Chat later!


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