Saturday, November 18, 2006

In Seattle

For some reason, only some of the pictures are not showing. I will try to fix that later. Well I'm in seattle now. It's Saturday night. I've been invited to a grand reopening of "Lovers" a huge 15,000 square foot store similar to Aren't We Naughty, but we just don't have that 15,000 square foot baby, just yet. They are suppose to have 1000 people show up for this event, but that included yesterdays media event. Apparnently the Mayor and other big names showed up for this grand opening as well.

Well let me tell you. The store was exciting and well done. Great location too. I was very proud to be there. I had a couple of tiny suggestions to improve things, and I hope they took them constructively. One of them was they have three exciting floors of merchandise, but I didn't know how to get to the stairs to see them, and in this type of store, not too many customers will put up their hand and ask. So my suggestion was to make the stairs more visible.

I was hoping to get some pictures and I may even get some ideas for our next store....nuknuknuk. I also got to see a wonderful lady named Jennifer who you can see to the left here. She buys for this "Lovers" that has over 30 stores. She is my good friend who I have the world of respect for. I can call her anytime and ask her how things are going and what is hot in our business. Following the grand reopening celebration, we went out for dinner which is an honour to be invited to.

Unfortunately I didn't get to see seattle much. It is suppose to be a great city. I'm leaving Sunday morning early back to Toronto, and then I'm off to Hong Kong on Tuesday morning. I'm meeting with old and new suppliers.


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