Monday, December 18, 2006

Ottawa is Done!

Hey we are finally open in Ottawa we're very excited!

After 4 weeks of hard work, Ottawa is done. It is a store we are most proud of as we try to make sure each store is better than the previous one. My staff worked their butts off on this one. Long hours, extensive training of new staff, and timeless frustrating dealings with the city. Now my management team have gone home after a job well done.

Our Seminar room is near complete now as well. What a great room this is. If you are reading this and you're inn Ottawa, sign up for one. The atmosphere will be awesome. They are fun and not intimidating. Topics are informative, for example, Sex Toys for Beginners, or Sex Toys 101 or How to give the Perfect Massage. If the Running Room Store can teach you how to run more effectively, we'll teach you have how to be naughty.

My favourite novelty line is the Tee Shirt line called Sik World, and we carry the Sik Kids line too. Some hilarious sayings that make great gifts for those who can take a joke. Also, to those who thought I was whacked out of my mind with this one, my ladies Pecker Pajamas are also a hit. You have to see these things. They are great and very comfy. Drop in and see what I'm talking about.

Seriously, Ottawa is a great market for us. The customers have been so friendly and welcoming.

So Merry Christmas too all. I will be spending time with family this Christmas and I hope you do to. Take Care and be Naughty



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