Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!

Wow, 2006 is TOAST! It was a great year. Sales were up in ALL stores for 2006. I have to thank my management team for this. Their OUTSTANDING dedication has proved itself once again. It is the first time we've done a clean sweep.

However, nothing happens in our stores without our customer service people who greet you the customer everyday. These people are the company. They are AWN. I must admit that they do not get enough praise from me and I hope to improve this in 2007. There is no greater feeling then when I get a compliment from a customer on our great service. They are the front line people who have to be great listeners, be professional sales people, meaning they must understand what a customer wants and sell that customer the right product and sometimes that is not an easy task. They must clean the store after a hard day, and must accept the odd complaint. They do a great job. I actually miss that part of the business. I used to come home wired from meeting so many great people throughout the day. Thank you everyone.

Ottawa's seminar room is finally near completion. What a fantastic room it is. Seminars are the way to go as we know our customers want more information about our products and sexual topics in general. Special guest speakers will be on hand occasionally to offer their input on various topics such as "How to give the Ultimate Massage" to "Stripping for your Man". Stay tuned for more seminar information on our website.

May your 2007 be filled with many smiles and good times!


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