Saturday, January 13, 2007

Show's over!

The show is over. I would rate this show a success. There were a lot of great vendors. Its always great to see all the people that I have met over the years in one place. I find it hard to go by and just look around at vendors quietly. I was showing our new prototype of our giant bullet and what a success it was.

This is a show that has two sections, toys and video. The video industry opens it up to the public for certain hours. They charge something like $50.00 per day and wow, do they ever make a ton of cash. All the porn stars are at this show which makes for some great photo opportunities.I go cruising around and its fun to take a few photos. The women enjoy being photographed and everyone is generally happy. I am lucky as I'm in the industry and can go before the public gets in.

Here are a few more photos for some fun.


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