Sunday, February 25, 2007

Back Home

Well after getting a few shots about not updating my blog, I'm back and they're right. Writing a blog is a lifestyle, so bare with me, I'm getting there. I have been so busy catching up at work and must admit, I have forgotten, so here it goes.
My yearly golf trip to golf heaven in the Playa Grande area of the north coast of the Dominican Republic was better than ever this year. Sure it rained more then normal but mostly in the evenings. The most rain we had in one day was torrential rains one evening then in the morning remained cloudy most of the day to allow us 36 holes that day.
Since I stayed for two weeks with my good friend Barney who just happened to grow up in Argentina was a joy to be with. He is always so happy and smiling. No other person I know is always so happy. I knew him for almost two years before I realized he speaks fluent Spanish. Spanish speaking people love his Spanish as they always tell him that its very clear. Needless to say, we had fun. The photo here is where we would have a beer after golf near where our Caddies live, a minute from the golf course. At a buck a beer, we'd by beer for everyone around us. Its the best way to go, party with the locals as long as you have a Barney around to translate.
The most memorable time was visiting a house (not shown) that was built by a lady named Rebecca. I've never have come close to seeing a house like this in my life. It took 300 workers 1.5 years to build this masterpiece. Separate building for a basketball court, fitness room and squash court. A separate building for Health and Wellness. Just over the top. Even if I had the money and wanted to do this, it would be a project of a lifetime as the furniture was incredible and so was detail. It was an honour to see this. I never did meet Rebecca and the house manager said Rebecca doesn't like to have photos taken.

Back to Business:

My next trip is to China and time to work on some new and exciting products. love China and will update you when I'm there.

Valentines at AWN was disappointing do to the weather. All stores were topped up and looked the best ever. On the 13th which is one of our busiest days of the year fell flat due to the weather warnings. We made up some lost ground since then but it will tough.

Our customer service strategies continue to pay off. Here is the latest email from a happy camper - I'm so proud:

To whom it may concern

Please find attached a copy of my resume in regards to a possible Part Time
Sales Associate within the "Aren't We Naughty" store located on Merivale Rd
in Ottawa, ON.

I am currently working as a live in mentor for an assisted living home with
4 young men with disabilities. I supervise the activities of the house and
my staff. My schedule is very flexible, and I am looking for a fun part time
job that is not in the field of direct Health Care.

Why did I choose to apply to Aren't We Naughty? That's a very simple answer.
I have just recently discovered it in Ottawa and went in with my husband
just this month and went back a few days later with a friend. We were all
very impressed with how open the sales team is, how approachable and
knowledgeable they are, and how classy the staff appear in their black
outfits. It was the first adult gift shop I have been into where I was not
feeling intimidated, or like I was being judged.
In fact it was the complete opposite and I found I could talk to the sales
team like friends. I was very much at ease. I saw the sign on the desk that
they were hiring all positions and became interested.

I feel I would be a great asset to your team. I am fun loving, hard working,
reliable, and have excellent customer service skills and experience from
past positions, including management positions. Please do not be deterred by
the various health care field work.

Our objectives at AWN is we don't just want a happy customer, we want a Raving Fan.


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