Thursday, March 08, 2007

Air Canada (AC)

Today I was suppose to leave for Shanghai. By the way, I'm really sure when I booked this trip it is a direct flight with no stops and all of a sudden there is a stop stop in Vancouver. Seems to me like a lie. Anyway we never made it off the ground and it took AC over 5 hours to tell me I will be on tomorrow's flight. Simply unacceptable customer service.

There was some good tings out of it. I met one of the worlds most amazing guys. He is very famous in his own country of Chile, but here nobody knows him. He is competing for the Mr. World contest in Sanya, China. Some exclusive place for the rich of China. He is tall had full of muscles, but now gross.

So tomorrow I will try again. The other great thing is AC gave Business Class all new seats, they looked good. Hopefully I will get to sit in them a bit longer this time.


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