Saturday, March 31, 2007

Home at Last

Travelling is one of the greatest activities available to mankind to enrich his knowledge of the world we live in. I should be a genius if this is the case. No doubt I've seen some great things. I'm not the back pack type guy that would expand my travel knowledge even more especially in Thailand, but still, I've had a great time.

Today Saturday I was up at 4:30am and didn't move physically but my brain was active. I went and got a haircut and now I'm back home. I'm just not 100% as I'm missing sleep and thus energy. Its the time problem. I arrived home Wednesday at 2:00am and went to bed at 3:00am and got up with my family at 6:30am. That night I had the boys over for card night. The last guy leaves at 2:00am and so I still haven't had 7 hours of solid sleep which would be great for me. The return flight does this. Going there is never a problem.

So even though travelling is my prime hobby, I love coming home. There is nothing sweeter than my wife picking me up and she has a hot Tim Horton's coffee in hand. Then my procedure is to down within the next few days, some Swiss Chalet chicken and the next morning some Frosted Mini Wheat's! I usually don't drink milk when I'm away. Something about foreign milk gives me a weird feeling. My head problem no doubt.
Chinese people have a reputation of eating everything. In this photo, my supplier ordered this Shrimp Snack and I just couldn't pick up a handful of these puppies and eat them like potato chips as she did. Very crunchy. I asked if they came in Salt and Vinegar, Nope? So I passed.

Anyway, for me this is the best time of year. The Masters Golf Tournament signifies that the golf season is upon us and warm weather is close. I love it.

I have the Lingerie Show coming up in April in Las Vegas. My wife will be attending this one which is great and then the next show is the industry trade show in July in LA. When I got home on Wednesday, the next day my wife told me she was going away with the girls this weekend, so I told her, "You have a Nerve!" She has a great sense of humour too.

So it was thrilling to see my assembly line at work in China making all of our Bullets. We sell Tons of Bullets.


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