Monday, April 16, 2007

Day One

Hey, Greetings from beautiful Las Vegas!

Yesterday we saw some awesome costumes for Halloween or role playing and better yet with great pricing.

Here are some general photos from cruising around yesterday. I also took a long video of a vendor and then ran out of battery power and my charging cord is at home. Soooo frustrating!!! I wanted a few more photos as I just warmed up the camera! A few male photos would have been appropriate for the female readers, if there are any. Oh well, it is a lot of fun walking around with Aida checking out various vendors.

Last night we were invited to dinner by AVN and went to Emerils at the MGM. Let me tell you, this was really special. One of the dinner options was a sampling of 5 small portions and 5 matching wines selected by the restaurant to go with each. This was recommended by our sales rep who has been to Emerils before. We went for this and didn't regret it. Each portion was served with an explanation and BAM, it was good and so was the company. Thank you AVN!

Tonight is a special dinner with the Sinclair people who make the "Better Sex" video series. This is every year and hosted by a wonderful professional woman named Susan. The invitation this woman sends out is great. A lot of thought goes into it and we actually all gather around in the office to open it up to see what they have come up with. Susan and I both have a lot of mutual respect for each other. Special guest is "Candida Royalle". It should be fun. Tomorrow is a golf game with my good friend Claude, then hopefully Aida and I will see Celine Dion later in the evening.

Its also our 19th Anniversary together....I know, we can't believe it either! What better way to celebrate, than in Vegas!


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