Friday, April 13, 2007

Las Vegas Lingerie Show

Well I'm still here. I must say I'm really a boring guy here in Vegas. I played my casino game Keno and my luck is running out! I hate losing money gambling. It is such a waste. Often I think about buying a new Driver for my golf habit, but I hesitate, yet the Casino just took that Driver out of my hands. I'm not out of control, but at least and have fun and Keno is fun and fast.

I use this time in Vegas to stay quiet. I spend a lot of time in my room and do absolutely Dick. OK, I play on my computer. Yesterday I defragmented my hard drive. It took 4 hours. I copied the songs from my Ipod to my computer which is a unique process and I bought some cheap software to do that. Usually its the other way around, your computer saves the songs on he Ipod. I wrote some updated objectives for my warehouse new acting manager. I tracked the Canadian Dollar all day which has had a nice rise lately, finally. I have been watching a little fun stock I have called oli.v which as been doing well lately.

When industry people arrive tomorrow night which is Saturday, I will come out of my cocoon and have a few beers with some good friends of the industry.

The last Lingerie show was really good and was filled with all kinds of beautiful women in Sexy Lingerie which is too be expected, but I never really appreciated it until I started writing this blog and actually took some photos. Some things you just take for granted...such a tough life. Which once again makes me appreciate my awesome wife Aida who is simply the most easy going woman on the earth. When my time is up on this earth and I have a chance to start another life somewhere, I need to find her and do it all over again. Later....


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