Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Summer is Here!

My golf course opens today. I'm excited. Hope I have a good year. I think I will play more this year. One of my sons says he wants to play more this year as well, and this excites me. He got a hole in one on his first shot ever on a golf course when he was 9 years old. Not bad, perhaps some potential ya think? Last year we played a couple of games and he can hit it long and reached par fives in two. Scary as I've never done that as easy as he did it. So I will have fun watching both of my boys play. The other younger son is fun too, but doesn't have the interest as the older one. But this is my time with them, hope they enjoy it. Time is flying and when they want to play, so I'm there. Of course my dream is to have the younger one beat the older one. In golf, you never know.

I don't really talk about product much here, but have to say our new Cases are a hit in the stores. They are gorgeous. We even reduce the already rediculous low price by $5.00 when you buy one of our higher end vibes. These are quality vibe cases that can be used for anything. We have a bigger size that you see here, and they come in Pink, Black and Grey. Check this out.

You think you work long hours, well I can make you feel a little better about that. Check out the video I recently took while in China. The lady is a friend of mine. Enjoy, catch ya later, I'm going golfing.


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