Friday, April 20, 2007

Time to Go Home

Well its time to go home.

Vegas was a little chilly this time. The show was good and I'm dying to get home and see my boys and my staff as well.

A golfers story:

Yesterday I played golf and as we were leaving a par 3 short hole one and one of the guys behind us, who we didn't know, couldn't wait for our carts to leave and hit his ball. We didn't know he hit but heard FOUR! It bounced once and somehow hit me in the forehead - hard. I was ok, but it wasn't until a few minutes later that my head started to bleed a little, which was scary. Now I'm thinking I really didn't feel the impact of the hit as it hit my forehead and maybe its serious. Anyway, the guy felt really bad, said sorry, and I didn't feel any anger or pain and even made some humour out of the situation. The damage was done and besides, I was ok. I'm sure he will never do it again.

So I'm on the next Tee and I hit the best shot of the day, a booming drive down the middle. I immediately went back to the guy that hit me and told him about my drive and asked if he could hit me again before my next shot.

By Vegas until next time. Golf at home starts Sunday!


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