Saturday, May 19, 2007


Finally have time for a little Blogging.

Well I went to Amsterdam once again. What a place. When I travel, I'm so proud of being a Canadian. For example, people in Amsterdam love Canadians. The Liberation of Holland will always be one of the most important moments in the history of World War II for Canadian Soldiers. As a result of their efforts, the German invasion of the Netherlands was reversed and the Dutch people were freed once more.

So as a Canadian, the efforts of yesteryear are never forgotten....and don't think I didn't use this during my presentation to get who I deal with to buy my brand.

After Amsterdam I want to London and then to Bournemouth where it is absolutely heaven to live there. The people there are absolutely hilarious. You have to be sharp and listen carefully as they talk fast, but the humour is awesome.

Tim my good friend and has 39 stores and distribution larger than mine. What makes Tim special is he knows even more about the pulse of his business than I do. Amazing guy and yet he'll give you all the fact and figures. He doesn't hide anything, and that is why I love him. He is a true friend in the industry whom I met years ago.

Talk about expensive. He booked me a suite in this hotel by the water, a classic place. All the floors squeaked and it is a super traditional, old style place. When I walked into my room, I knew it would be a large. I didn't want to know the cost. The pound is 2.20 Canadian dollars. The bill for 3 nights, I found out today was close to 800 pounds.... Hello

Tim also booked the hotel in London which I checked into today. One night 265....Hello.

I miss home....


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