Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Home at last.

Well I've been home for a few days now. Its so nice.

Friday is June 1. The weather is great, so its time to enjoy the summer, its prime time. Golf is awesome with my sons, and my buddies, and Aida has been the perfect wife. I am spoiled, its so nice.

There is a lot going on now. I have to get ready for the show in LA in mid July, a show in Berlin, Germany in October, and my managers in are getting ready to open our 11th store in St. Catherines real soon. This is going to be a great moment in the history of AWN. St. Catherines is going to be another beauty.

What is our number one seller now in all our stores? The 3-Speed Coloured Bullets. They are designed for outside clitoral stimulation and have 3-Speeds that go from "Gentle" to "Rock my world"! No vibrator ever sold better in the history of AWN. That says a lot.

Anyway, tonight is family night, confirmation in the church for a relative, which should be nice. Friday night is the big dinner... I love that time. All the family gets together and we all love each other. No drinking so people are always the same. Well nothing serious, there is a little wine for sure, but nobody is staggering or getting stupid.

Dam the roof of my house is leaking earlier this spring. Now I'm installing a roof that is guaranteed for life and its taking a friend Ted says (and he is really funny) tell them its guaranteed for life and it takes them a lifetime to install it.

Anyway, its hot and it BBQ time, Enjoy Life!


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