Saturday, May 05, 2007

Perfect Weather


Well our (believe it or not) AWN Xmas party is tomorrow! Yes, its awards time to reward the people who have done outstanding jobs for us and also for everyone to see and meet. All are welcome. Eat, Drink and be Happy! I enjoy this time. My management team put on a great show. I sit back and watch as they are show people, entertainers I call them. Really they are. I'll let you know how it goes.

I'm excited about tonight's fight. I'm a huge boxing fan, so finally I get a taste.

Yesterday I was golfing and started out on fire. I went birdy, birdy, par. then I got too cute and hammered a shot over the green and where I golf, that means Toast. What perfect weather for it. I am walking and refusing the pressure to take a cart. Now way. Need the exercise. Here for example I'm sitting on my ass once again writing this. Most likely all this walking and exercising is being neutralized by the Coors Lite at the end of the round....

See you soon...


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