Sunday, June 17, 2007

Asia Travel...

What a Great Week! Perfect weather. Too perfect, we need some Rain!!!

The golf season is rockin. I must say my game is on and off. A frustrating game but we all keep coming back to it.

People at my golf club think I have it all figured out. I have a segway. ( and I drive it to the golf course which is just perfect, as there is no parking because new clubhouse is being built. So here I go on my segway, up this huge hill and it is so awesome having the feeling of freedom on this gyro supported invention. You move it by leaning forward.

Next month it is China. I will leave and make a stop in Japan for a business opportunity for our wholesale division. I'm excited and nervous about going to Japan, I think I need a translator.

Well I'm back to the gym. Personal training twice a week, and I visit another two on my own. I sit on my butt too much so I need exercise. I also walk when golfing, when the temperature is below 30,above 30 is too tough.

Most important: Next week our new location in St. Catherines opens.


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