Friday, June 08, 2007


My Buds:

Well I have a few characters you should know in my life outside my family. These guys have been close to me over the years and we all know each other so well that we tease and tease each other all the time. Once in a while someone snaps, but that's just part of it. We constantly laugh. These characters are my escape.

Lumpy: A nick name given to him 15 years ago by another friend, Gary. Years ago, over the winter, Ted put on a few pounds and Gary gave him this name out of the blue. Its stuck. He owns houses and rents them out. Never has a job since I have known him. One day he wore a nice sweater that said Toronto Hydro, and I asked where he got it, and he just told me he got it so people will think he has a job!

He and I spend a lot of time together and we love golfing together. He is a very relaxed guy who can be a pain in the ass at times but overall a wonderful person. I keep telling him, you smoke, you eat late at night, and you masturbate too much, you are toast. This year he has lost weight and we walk the golf course providing its below 30C. He is single and his pick up line for women is, "Hi, I have Land".

Danny: Wow recently in the past two years are getting close. He is a great golfer and competitor. He is a big boy and loves his beer. He owns a Sports Cafe and is a very generous person. He loves golf like nobody else I know, even more than me. When Danny gets going in golf there is no stopping him. Lately his golf game is suffering and believe me, we are enjoying it. He only travels to two places, Aruba and Dominican Republic. So one day we got him to buy lottery tickets for us and to check them for us. We weren't worried about him winning the lottery and taking off with the cash as we would find him in either one of those two countries....Danny is like Fred Flinstone when he is in his golf cart and Lumpy is Barney...Perfect couple....

Barney: Happy go lucky. Everybody loves Barney. Barney is always smiling. Never met a person who is so happy. Everyone wants to be with a happy person, well this is Barney. I asked him to help me with one show we did in Denver, and he got all the hugs from the staff. Barney is Mr. Likable. He manages and has an interest in a trailer camp. Oh ya, I call him Trailer Trash,you bet. Barney even speaks fluent Spanish. Love that when we go to the Dominican. They say Spanish is very clean and I love watching who he talks to because within two minutes, Barney puts a smile on their face.

That's it....Loving Life!


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