Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Adult Treasure Expo - Japan


Yes that is what I said when I walked into the show just an hour ago. When I heard they were going to have 200,000 people attending this show, I thought someone was dreaming. Now I can see it. They have done this very well and as I was looking for my booth I ran into a fellow exhibitor who spoke English and he told me the Entertainment was awesome. They have some top name Japanese bands and even Boyz II Men are going to be here!

I left home yesterday at 7:00am and when I got to the hotel room in Japan and that is after transferring in Shanghai, China and clearing customs, and having to pay $400.00 Canadian for over weight luggage, and another 3 hours or so travel time to Japan, and I can't tell you exactly how long it was as I just passed out. Oh I could of told you how long the flight was if I looked at the amount of drool that was on the guys shoulder next to me! Seriously, I passed out large. Anyway, I arrived 27.5 hours later. Was the worst trip ever. (Air Canada did have any running water on this flight. Do you believe that? They new this before taking off too.) I new that before I did it. Bottom line is Japan, so far, is great. The American breakfast was awesome, so I'm a happy camper. It doesn't take much. Check out the photos:

I'm excited. I'll keep trying to update more photos as the show progresses. I have to get back with my boxes and get my booth ready. Wish me luck. It is now 11:30am here which means 10:30pm in Toronto. The show opens at 11:00am tomorrow morning.

My blackberry doesn't work here and neither does my phone. See you tomorrow.


Anonymous Martin Solo said...

How was the expo? How many visitors did it have?
Regards, Martin

2:51 PM  

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