Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hadaka On Sunset Blvd.

Well its show time! The big show of the year in Los Angeles. Everyone the makes a toy or contributes to our industry is here.

Last night I went out to dinner with a wonderful nice couple. I really click with these guys. I admire what they have done in their own business. They are simply remarkable and they like me too, enough to ask me out to dinner which was an honour.
The one thing that separates them is they really like to have fun and when its fun time they love to freak people out. The place where we went out to dinner was called Hadaka Sushi, a Sushi place with a sexual tone to the restaurant. The place has been only open about three months and even the Chef-Owner Edward sat down with us, who is a great guy.
I guess the photos kind of sum up the dinner. Our waitress was a nice looking lady and actually really wanted to serve us and switched with a colleague. She sat down and enjoyed our company for a bit or should I say her company....

I didn't have my own camera but took some photos with my Blackberry. Enjoy.
Now it is 6:00am here in LA, I set the alarm an hour too early but at 7am, I will go golfing somewhere here in LA with my good friend Claude from Montreal and his girlfriend. She always dresses so nice for golf, I'm actually looking forward to she what she will wear today.

Here are some more photos of last night that I thought you'd enjoy....


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