Thursday, July 26, 2007

Japan - Set Up

Well here it goes. I'm ready to go. Dress right, smell good, and ready to take on Asia. I just figured why these folks are so small. The portions of food is probably normal here and Canada is huge, and USA is Supersize. Thus the respective body types. I blew 50 bucks on a dinner last night and let me tell you, "Where's the Beef!" but then I thought maybe its all I really need. Don't forget these Japanese people are excellent at most everything they do. They pride themselves on excellence. I have noticed the people who served me at 9:30 last night were the same people serving me this morning. I also notice the same check-in guy the next morning after I came in late. Long working hours, amazing.

Now check this toilet out in the room, again, a built in Bidet. I had that experience the last time I was here in Japan about 5 years ago. Even look at the mirror in the washroom, it is heated so you can see yourself after the shower. Only in Japan you say......

Anyway, like I always say, "It's Show Time!"


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