Sunday, August 26, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Things weren't as routine as I'm used to when I came back. My lovely wife Aida picked me up at the airport and she usually has the Famous Tim Horton's coffee sitting there for me to relish. This time the traffic was too much and she couldn't stop. I was devastated. Kidding aside, it is good to get back.

My family was looking good and just came back from Mexico as well. They just missed category 5 Typhoon as they call it in Asia by two or three days. For humour purposes, I joked and said I was calling down to their resort extend her vacation for another week. With 19 years of marriage, these jokes start to get funny, but never say them during the first 15 years! Actually my wife and I are always laughing. She knows me better than I know myself. Golf and gambling friends welcomed (my wallet) me back with open arms as well.

I must admit I miss Shanghai and Hong Kong. Shanghai is more reasonable cost wise, so so gorgeous at night. Now just getting my sleeping pattern back to normal.

My Kitchen is being renovated now. The house is always under constant renovation, so its a bit of a mess.

Today the boys at the golf club are licking their chops like dogs waiting for me to arrive, so I'll catch you later.

Thanks for reading, because I when I get feedback, its all worth it.


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