Wednesday, August 15, 2007

More Shanghai

This is a great photo in my opinion as the bike in front of me is just loaded with garbage and here the Chinese are experts in piling things on their bikes and moving around. In the background is a cop giving a ticket to someone on a bike.

My favourite beer! When you order a beer with dinner, they give you a serious beer.
It's time to get out of here. I'm terribly lonely and miss my WIFE and KIDS and English Canada. I have just a few more days and simply trying to hang in there.
What I love to do at night is go down to the BUND (riverside) and watch the skyscrapers do their twinkling; I know it sounds a little gay, but if you were here, you'd do the same. They actually have whole buildings with video on the side. Its simply awesome. Never before have I seen such advertising.
I still think that this city being relatively new is the best looking city in the world at night and this was confirmed last night as I strolled into a bar and the older American lady was dying to talk to someone and picked me. She agreed, at night, there is no city in the world that can compete. Paris by day, Shanghai at night.

I just finished the video of my favourite ride. Hop on the Maglev with me!

This is my hotel, I love it here. New and cheap. Just look at the photos, the top of this building is just amazing with50 spectacular floors.


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