Sunday, August 12, 2007


What can I say about this city of Shanghai. I just can't believe what is going on here. So many buildings and I think they've secretly taken all the good architects from around the world. The designs of some of the buildings are so unique, and this city isn't cheap. Last night I found a bar that was quite nice. I popped in for a beer and then ok, it was two beers. I paid 100RMB, that's about $14.40. I was out of there quickly, but that is what the city is like now. Rich and poor. Some people object to that, but its hard to excape. Here are some photos from the last few days.

Before arriving in Shanghai, I was in the city of Shenzhen which is really close to Hong Kong and you need to take a train which is super easy for about 40 mins, go through customs out of Hong Kong then customs to get inside China, and wow, no big deal, you're in China. This city is really nice in the core at least. My humour came out when I was in the washroom of my supplier. Check this out.

I've been to this hotel three times and didn't know this awesome mall was 5 mins away. What a treat it was, but there is a trick, you have to get by the smelly 25 foot creek. Its a bit ugly....and that's when you realize come on China, smarten up, please. The water here in Shanghai here smells when you shower. It appears good, but I won't even brush my teeth in it, just to be super safe. Anyway, the mall was a Wow.

Lastly here is Lunch at the Shangrila. Its very good, but I let my agent to the ordering. I'm really not that adventurous as my wife is. She'll eat anything. I thought I was good until I met her.

Anyway, thanks for reading. On Friday I travel within China to a factory to see what is new in the world of sex toys, deep in China.

Today I confess: I went to KFC and had two pieces of Chicken. Then to Starbucks for a Frapp.


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