Sunday, September 09, 2007

September Blues

September is not the greatest month. Kids go back to school and the leaves are starting to fall. So this month is prep month. We get ready for our show, The Everything To Do with Sex Show For the first time in 7 years I will not be at this show. I will be at the show in Berlin Germany displaying our own designed products from our sister company BMS Enterprises. Berlin is perhaps the number one sex show in the world. Its open to both business to business and consumers worldwide. Its expensive and an ugly time of year. My thoughts of Berlin are Grey and $$$. Oh and tradition, they take too long to pour a beer, but who am I to tell the Germans how to pour beer?

I made a final video about the last day in Shanghai. Took most of it while walking for a half hour through the city to a famous Starbucks location.

Tomorrow September 10th, I'm off to cottage country for a game of Golf. I'm nuts....but I hear its a great course. Should be fun.

Bye for now and wear a smile...


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