Sunday, October 28, 2007

It's Christmas

We in the retail business must think Christmas now in October. Our stores are still getting stocked. Now I am made available to all staff members as I always have but I make it more clear now since our management change.

Golf season is over basically accept I think for Wednesday when its going to be a high of 17! I'm doing a ton of work following upon leads from the Venus Berlin Sex Show. On top of that, the floor in Windsor needs work, my kitchen need to complete its renovation. The stores need minor repairs. One of my cars needs a license sticker. I'm due this week for my teeth to be cleaned (really can't wait for that). Sometimes there is too much to do, but this makes life exciting.

I went into work on both Saturday and Sunday. I love doing that. The day goes fast and I get piece and quiet.

tis the season...


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