Saturday, October 13, 2007

What a great Week!

So Aren't We Naughty has a new Director of Operations named Troy. Troy celebrated his first week on the job and what a week it was. He sees a lot of positive changes ahead and has taken this week to get to know everyone and get settled. Troy's experience, knowledge, and work ethic will take us a long way.

Our Stores will be over flowing with stock next week in preparation for Christmas.

Monday night I'm off to Berlin, Germany and the Venus show. This is the industries biggest show. The Germans are easy going about sex, therefore it can be fairly extreme. For example you can be eating a hot dog and you look up and there is a gay film playing, that's Berlin, but its fun. I will be showing our line of products for the first time there. I hired a local person to help with the language and so I can at least go to the washroom. We'll see what happens.

Special thanks goes to all off my staff this week. You've all done a great job.


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