Wednesday, November 14, 2007


We have done it again! Our customers have spoken. We have won the Gold Award for Adult Novelty category from the Toronto Sun and a Bronze for Lingerie. This is quite an honour. Our prime goal in designing a new store is our customers comfort. I think our customers have spoken, combined more with our excellent Sales Associates, its a winning combo.

Things are getting even better at AWN. Well I must say, as I have always thought my previous management team was excellent, and that will never change. However, I think my new management team will bring us much higher. People are being put into place so we can effectively manage better. The expenses are higher, but that's expected, and I believe our sales results will reflect this as well. Its learning, learning and more learning. As my wife says, Learning All The Time. I can't tell you how much I've been rejuvenated in the past two months. People who worked hard for AWN are now promoted, earning more and they are loving it.

Morale has never been better at AWN. We just finished our first Managers meeting and assistants were invited for the first time. They loved it. Our head office is open to all staff to come and visit and see our showroom.

As I write this I'm on the plane to Vancouver. I think I have missed my connection to Shanghai as the plane was really late taking off. The flight attendants here are helpful but the pilots can't give us an answer if we will make the connection. They told me on the ground that we would have to wait until we are in the air for an answer, and still no answer and I'm 4 hours into the flight. I have one night in Shanghai booked, and "one night in Bangkok" booked. Maybe they will redirect me straight to Melbourne, who knows.

Update I made the flight to Shanghai, but my luggage didn't. Gives me a chance to buy a few things.


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