Thursday, November 15, 2007


Relaxing in the air...Wow, check out the travel time. Toronto - Vancouver 5 hours, Vancouver - Shanghai 12 hours, Shanghai - Bangkok 4 hours, Bangkok - Melbourne 8 hours. Over 29 hours travel time. Wow. The best flight ever was on this Boeing 777 flight to Melbourne. What great seats with huge TV screens. Even the washroom was bigger. Most disappointment was Air Canada Vancouver - Shanghai. But Air Canada is still excellent over all. Asia airlines are still very good. Singapore Airlines being the world's best.

Bangkok was awesome, the hotel that is. Didn't really see much. No time. My Davis Hotel was the best. Check out the link and watch the video I made of the hotel room. Notice the Unit below!
Its been over 17 years since I've been in Australia. The weather is excellent and I better get my ass outside. I held off sleeping until 2:30am. I got up feeling I was rested and wide awake at 5am. Slept again lightly in this super soft nice bed until 6and the show was over and I through in the Towel. The hotel here is OK, but old and a classic which is not my style. Just too old for me, but at least there is a lot of room and I love that.

So I went to the Sexpo Show today to offer my support to my distributor. She is selling our product the Ultimate Personal Shaver and its a wonderful feeling. She dumped her previous product for ours. Why because she loves the quality.

Well its 3:00pm and I think I will try to have a nap. See what happens.


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