Monday, November 19, 2007


I had to spend one night here and I was too cheap to spend about $300.00 as that's a digital camera today. So I'm at the airport in Singapore which by the way if you don't know Singapore, wow, read on. I go to the help desk to find a hotel that is cheap but nice and the lady has a computer in front of me and says here you go. I ask if it has Internet in the room. She says Yes. Super, off I go in the cab. The cab was cheap. The hotel didn't have Internet in the room as I was promised and that made me angry for the first time this trip. Only in the Mickey Mouse lobby did they have a few computers. The room was for a backpacker type person. 150 square feet. Single bed, but actually the room matched my smart car, so what can I say. Lately I have been spoiled so the joint brought me down to earth.

The plane from Melbourne left at 5:00pm and it was seven hours in the air. I slept a fair bit, so when I got into this room I watched TV and soon fell asleep again. I woke up shortly after 5:00am and had a shower at 6:30am and was downstairs ready to eat at 7:00am. Sorry we don't open until 7:30am. By hotel standards that is really late. Enough of this place, I jumped into a cab and headed to the airport.

So Singapore Airlines is the best airline in the world Bar None. They just got their first Airbus 380 Super Duper Jumbo. They are making everyone know it too. In this Jet, you can have Beyond first Class. Your own suite! Love that! I wonder if you can lock the door?

The custom form clearly says on the bottom and this is famous: WARNING: DEATH FOR DRUG TRAFFICKERS UNDER SINGAPORE LAW

The Saturday night I went out to have a steak dinner next door to the sex show. Place was full and they told me to go to the bar, and they got a real argument there. Then two older women (my age) showed up and we started chatting. Two moms who knew each other since they were babies. Now married with kids they still love to go out. They invited me to dinner and then we went to a bar next door and we ended up on the dance floor dancing in front of a live band. Crazy night and this is how I love a night to happen. I had to take off on them at 12:30am to meet up with my Sexpo crew after the show. All in all, Melbourne was fun, but this is my second trip to Australia and I hate the Flies. Flies everywhere. Walk down the street and sometimes you are swarmed.

Here are some photos from the Sexpo


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