Sunday, December 30, 2007

Good Bye 2007

What a wonderful year!

Lots has happened. Highlights of 2007:

- The PowerBullet was our number one seller in all stores. People pick it up as an add on for under $20. Is mind boggling how many we have sold this year.

- We had a change of upper management at AWN and of course we miss them dearly but its a refreshing change. I'm excited about where my company will go now.

- My Ultimate Personal Shaver is finally done. Wow what a product it is now. I'm so proud of it.

- We opened in St. Catharines. What a great looking store it is. Our neighbours are the Mandarin and I'm lucky to be friends with the owner there who is a fellow golfer. He said he is doing well. Our other neighbour is a huge gym. I mean this place is huge and beautiful. We all compliment each other.

Look out for MiVibe in 2008...



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