Sunday, December 02, 2007

Its Cold Here!

I found this photo on my computer and don't know if I posted it or not but it was the guy who was going to compete in Mr. World in Sanya, China. Well no kidding. Now how do I look next to this STUD! I've got BALLS to take a photo with this guy! He was from Chile and people who were from Chile asked to look after him as his English wasn't great. He wasn't bad. Certainly in great shape as well as good looking.

Finally I'm back in my city to relax, Shanghai. I call it my city because you can actually walk around Shanghai and within one hour you can be at your hot spot. At least I think that way a local person might think I'm nuts but hey I enjoy it. The trouble is I did it wrong. I should have headed out now and back home. Its too cold here to really enjoy it and I miss home. Thanks to Skype, it doesn't feel like I'm away this far. I've been eating great but yesterday broke down and went to McDonald's. They don't have drive through here but they have a dude on a bike that delivers to you.

The Asian people are so classy and full of manners, but then there are certain guys that are just brutal. I was walking this morning to my seat at breakfast and this joint is really high class. Guy goes by me, could have been Korean, but he lets out this awful burp, very strange and actually funny. This is not to mention all the clearing of the throats that goes on all day, and consistently. One guy at the airport cleared his throat so long, he held a tune.... Simply disgusting but as my good wife knows, I don't say anything, as this is not my country. If I mention anything I would expect they guy to tell me, if I don't like it, go back to your country....just as I would say. That said, the minute one of these guys clears his throat in Canada in the same fashion - I'll be all over him!

The to building in the distant are incredible. The building on the right is the hotel I first stayed in. I checked in on the 54th floor and had my first beer on the 78th. The building on the left is much taller. This building called the Shanghai World Financial Center should be completed now. Hopefully I will get to take another photo of it in the next few days.

I updated my Wenzhou arrival video, this is always hilarious. Same video same music. Leave the plane a woman is standing there with a sign that says Stephen. A wonderful feeling.

When I was in seeing my production staff at my factory in Shenzhen and I call it my factory as I have all the production. Anyway I went there to thank the staff for the excellent quality of the Power Bullets. I also wanted to see how the Ultimate Personal Trimmers were being made. It was quite a site. I was proud. The Ultimate Personal Shavers are the future of BMS. This is a great product and great products sell. The market is also huge. I'm a real believer in this product and have been from the start of the project, just now more than ever. The Ultimate Personal Shaver is, in my opinion,the best shaver in the world. Here is just some of the product involved in manufacturing the Trimmer.

I also went to provide my workers with a little thank you bonus for excellence in Quality in the manufacturing of the Power Bullet. This is never heard of to often in China of the Western man or company coming over and rewarding its workers. I did it because these people work so hard and no matter what job you do, its nice to be appreciated. I must say they appreciated me and I also wanted to talk to the workers to show them I'm a regular guy. They have this image of me that most likely isn't right. I wanted to straighten that out. I told them I did jobs like that before in my life while starting out. I've done it all. While I've done most of my thanking before this video was taken, here is the last part anyway. Power Bullet Thank You Video.

The Omega World Golf Tournament was in in Shenzhen, China and I was invited to go see it. Wow, Mike Weir was there. Got up close and saw it all on the final day. Mission Hills is the largest golf resort in the world. What a place. Here are a few photos.


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