Sunday, January 06, 2008


Lord please forgive me as I went to Denny's this morning!

It is CES now in Vegas. This is where I'm a nut case. I'm a drug addict let loose in Amsterdam. I have a day and a half to check things out, to snort all the electronics I can. I love to Visit all the big boys. Samsung, Sony and Panasonic. Their displays are awesome. Last year Sony introduced the OLED televisions....these were the future. I could tell just from looking at them. The stats are amazing. Click Here for more information. This is last years information. It will be hitting Americas store shelves this year! The future of TV's has changed. DON'T BUY ANYTHING JUST YET!

The AEE show is starting on the 9th. I will be releasing the MiVibe at this show. Here is the box version and I have a clam shell as well. I took this photo in my hotel room. We love the box...stay tuned for more information. The MiVibe will be in our stores by early March. Perhaps earlier. I love this product. I previewed it in March and my colleagues laughed at me, but the consumers were dying to buy my prototypes. I've never been more excited about a product than this one. I feel its been a company project. All my staff have participated in its design. We will all hopefully feel its success. I live for this time. I'm nervous about its quality and I've been ensured its been tested. I'm nervous about everything and excited too. Its rock and roll time. We win or we lose, that's the nature of our business.

Anyway its cool here in Vegas. Today I walked all the way down for about an hour to the CES show to feel the hype. I was going to register, and do you think I had a business card? I mean I'm preregistered, I just needed a card to get my badge and everything else. Back to my hotel, and $30.00 in cab rides, but now I'm ready for tomorrow. I just have to walk in now. I'll update you tomorrow.

Reporting from Beautiful Las Vegas.

Bye for now.


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