Sunday, January 20, 2008

February 14 is Valentines Day

Yes, it approaching and this is when our stores will be the focus of shopping as people celebrate their loved ones. We should have an advertisement, This Valentines, put some Steroids in your As I always say, Chocolates and Flowers are for your Mom.

We've even created a what I call the NO Brainer for the ladies. One of my previous managers once said, men come into our stores on February 13 desperate looking for something, "Like Deer in the Headlights". Don't laugh its true, so we have these great kits made up. They contain everything from lotions to panties and most attractive of all, it comes in a beautiful case. This is what I would want to see, because I'm one of those guys...

Tomorrow I'll try to put in a photo of the kits.


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