Sunday, January 13, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Hi guys...

Bring on Spring---Please

The Adult Entertainment Expo is over and what a show it was. Yes, I have a hard job. The part you see in most of the video is upstairs where all the porn industry is. We generally don't go up to this PORN area, with the exception of the first day, when its only open to trade. After that forget it, too many people.

We had fun and my MiVibe product is a winner with such excellent packaging. Everyone ordered it. This is my pride and joy...The reason I'm in Vegas in the first place. I could get lucky with it or bomb. I think its a winner, but the consumer will tell us. It should be in our stores next month.

Well we will be loading up the stores any day now with Valentines Lingerie. Our website looks ready to rock, and we hope to blow away our numbers from last year.

The only thing I'm concerned going forward is with the economy. Being in Vegas there doesn't seem to be any economic problems with the number of people who flowed into the hotel after the Consumer Electronic Show known of course as CES was over. The prices of the hotels go way down after CES.

Only a month to go and its Dominican golf time again. That's my favourite time of year. Golf and beer....Well I'm in bed with my notebook on my lap and its time to sleep, so catch ya later.



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