Monday, February 11, 2008


Yes - Passion. I have the Passion and now I'm almost complete. I want to wire my home and create this situation whereby you come over to a party or function at my house and should it be mostly family, then all the TV's will play slide shows of family members in situations that happened over the past few years. See all of us family members took great photos but really never get to see them - if you know what I mean.

When my buddies come over to play cards in the basement, I'll play the lastest slide show of the Shirley catalogue of women in beautiful lingerie, and some famous golf holes....and considering our age, we will be looking at the golf holes....See my house has a few TV's so they should play nice things in my opinion.

Seriously if you know me I love gadgets. I am the king. My car has auto pilot to drive to Future Shop. When I log into their website, it says welcome back Steve. Its a good hobby and I'm fortunately enough to be able to pay for it. Some people smoke cigarettes and buy pot, gadgets get me high and improve my productivity as well.

I almost forgot. My former managers opened up a store. Its really nice and well and my hat goes off to them and I sincerely wish they do well. It is designed similar to ours which is a compliment.

Valentines day was great. Now lets get ready for swimwear....coming soon.

Love you all...


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