Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

Well Aida and the boys went to Church. Usually I go but today I'm super lazy and decided to stay home an relax. Following Church, they're off to the Aunts for some restricted Egyptian Easter food. That is not my thing. Easter Sunday I'm all in. Not now.
My trip to Dominican was Perfect. Two weeks of perfect weather then my two boys and wife cam down to celebrate March Break. My oldest son was say he couldn't participate in his school's S-Trip to Montreal. Little did he know there would be hundreds of students mostly women at the resort. Boy were both boys happy. It was a rough week. University students were the week before and they were ok. The high school kids were brutal. Way too much drinking. They partied all night and that's frustrating for some. One girl had a operation on her head to remove a tumour and guess what she got drunk and fell on it. Blood pouring out and they had to stitch it up again. She went out the next night in the bus to enjoy a night out. She got the stupid student of the week award.

The photo above, my boys are sitting with Barney and the lady on the right is deaf. Many people do not get proper medical attention and I want to do something to help her. Maybe there is something really simple to correct her hearing. Wouldn't that be wonderful to change her life? Both my sons are there along with our good friends, our golf caddies. After every round of golf, we stop along the side of the road and have a few beers.
Other than that, I love the Dominican. Beaches and people are awesome. On the photo to my left, this is my favourite view in the Dominican. Its not far from the golf course on a small mountain. It is the steepest road I've ever driven on in my life. You need a 4 wheel drive car to make it if the roads are wet. What a great photo it is!
To my left is here is my youngest boy and the bottom is my oldest. We are looking at 16 and 18. Fourteen months apart. They get along well and always have. We are so lucky. They both played some awesome golf in part due to Barneys great personality. He makes everyone feel relaxed. The boys let it fly and did great. My dream came true to let them play the course I have loved for so long and appreciate its beauty. I was lucky to get two free golf carts to tour the course with Aida my wife. She couldn't believe how beautiful it was. (see now she understands and now I think I can go anytime.....I'm so sneaky) I'll be back next year or sooner! Happy Easter


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