Friday, April 04, 2008

A Good Thing

I love Skype.

It is like a giant ham radio and you can talk to anyone in the world. So often I will leave my skype in Skype Me Mode. This tells people they can say hello and chat. Aside from the pesky people from Africa and specifically Ghana where everyone seems to have a computer, I love it.

One lady who contacted me was here in Toronto. She was Russian and she was a good person. She was married to a web guy and she was also very computer literate. So every two months or so, she would see me on line and want to chat, often I would not reply for various reasons or say I can't chat at this moment, but we did chat the odd time. Two weeks ago our chat led to her saying she bought a house in Mississauga and she was really getting bored not working. I tried to help her. A guy in my Graphics department lives close to her and is also can speak Russian. Bottom line, we hired her and she is the happiest person in the world. Let me at her for a couple of weeks to fix that... No seriously, I'm in heaven to be able to make someone so happy. So far so good. She is working out. Now it has been over a week.

I'm at the Airport ready for Vegas and the lingerie show. I will take this time to spend some quiet time and do some writing. Later in the evening I will play Video Keno and have some FREE beers.
MiVibe is in and wow, the results are staggering. EVERYONE WANTS ONE. MiVibe is going to me the hottest Necklace around. Wait and see. Its a necklace with a removable Power Bullet. 6 styles to choose from. We've worked on this for over a year Here is the MiVibe video. I did it for fun. Check it out.
Also the 12" bullet came in. It is amazing. The best full size massager around. See it on our site this week. You won't believe your eyes, and it works...



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