Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lingerie Show

Well apparently the lingerie show did very well according to my mini survey. So maybe the Economy isn't all that bad in the USA.

We really bought a ton of stuff at this years show. The most ever. Kim who is now in charge of buying did a great job. I'm proud of her. Look for some great stuff in our stores within the next two weeks. We move fast.

That also reminds me of some Hot Brazilian Swimwear This stuff you can floss your teeth with and is stunning. If you are looking for tiny suit, you've come to the right place.

The weather has been great and I've walked a lot this week. From my hotel to the Rio Suites. I measured the distance on Google Earth to be 2.5K. Not bad and that takes about half an hour at a brisk walk and I do walk fast.

Well now is the Masters weekend. I love it. Its spring, my golf course is having its opening cocktail party Sunday which means its opening soon and who wouldn't love that. Enjoy the air, its Spring - Finally!


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