Sunday, May 11, 2008

Home Sweet Home

China is a great place to visit for business but not for vacation in my opinion. Its fast pace and traffic can make you a bit crazy. Hey Maggie, how about this coke? Anyway, its time to worry about that is going on at home now and we have some really cool swimsuits that have just arrived. Made in Brazil. Boy are they hot. Thanks for my contact from Brasil who found me on Skype. She found me and wanted to sell me Lingerie and I ended up buying swimwear. You can floss your teeth with this and its in the stores now. I also have a bondage line called Punishment coming. Its impressive product and will arrive in 60 days. I visited the factory and wow, it is cool and busy. I will forge a long term business relationship with them and you, the customer will love their products. Also because we buy from the factory, you will receive huge savings. Our first trial order is in the stores now, and one of my stores emailed me recently and thanked me for the great prices and selection. I love that feedback! The photo to the left is in front of a middle east store in China, I couldnt' resist having a bit of home here..... The next trip in Tuesday May 13 where I'm off to Bournemouth, England. This is a great trip and I go to see my good friend Tim. He has a whack of stores and distribution. Great guy and he is a great customer of our own private brand. I go there to promote our brand with his customer. So wish me luck, it should be fun.


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