Thursday, July 03, 2008

Happy 25th Birthday Aren't We Naughty

Wow, its finally arrived. Its been 25 years since I started my own business...

In 25 years we accomplished a lot. Here is what I wrote for this special event. Come shop in any of our 11 Aren't We Naughty stores and you will get 25% off everything!

Sex is wonderful, sex is great, sex is FUN! Come celebrate and see why sex is not a bad word anymore. Aren't We Naughty is celebrating its birthday and loving couples since 1983.

I take this time to also celebrate Walter Biscaia from Heritage Real Estate for supporting my dream and leasing space to me way back when we were both young. Walter is a forward thinker and is still my landlord and real estate broker today. Thank you Walter.

I will be at the store in Brampton on Saturday. I encourage all past customers who remember me to drop by and say hello.


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