Sunday, August 31, 2008

China Trip fall 2008

Well I'm been busy and neglecting my blog, such a bad boy. Well hey give me a break, its summer and there is golf. My buddies are laughing at me as I'm not playing well. I went from a 12 handicap to a 15. I attribute this to the love of my business and not golf crazy as much as I was. Don't get me wrong, but from day one, I have always said I golf 50% just to be with my friends and 50% for the golf. I need to get out and laugh and have a few beers with the boys. Its important to me. When I die, I hope they say I'm Mr. Balance life. Work family and pleasure. I could, to be honest work a little more on the family part, but that is even getting harder with the boys working on their social lives.

So here I am in Shanghai. I'm in heaven. Could I live here? I'm not sure, but I certainly love to visit. I mean things are cheap and I almost forgot how cheap they are. I went to a convenience store and I bought two beers and two waters. The water was large at 550ml and the beer was a whopping 600ml. Total bill came to 12 something and change RMB. The conversion rate is 6.40 for the Canadian dollar. So basically less then 2 bucks. I love China. Ok the beer wasn't a twist top, but the waster was Nestle. Not the best, but wow, 2 bucks.

Today I will try to check out the worlds 3rd tallest building. You can download the video which was shown on the discovery channel a short time ago on this amazing construction project. I have stayed in the Hyatt next door which is shown on the video.

Following Shanghai, is a trip to Ningbo on September 3. I will take the bus and hopefully travel on the worlds longest bridge that just opened 6 months ago.

See you soon...after I take some photos from the Shanghai's World Financial Tower


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