Monday, September 08, 2008

The Factory of BMS in China AWN sister company!

Just look at our offices in China. I'm so proud. Its better than our own head office! Sorry guys....THIS IS A REAL PHOTO NO PHOTOSHOP HERE.

Well yesterday I was so proud of our factory. We have a lot of talent here. Eric, Sandy's husband, has two degrees in Engineering. Electrical and Mechanical, and one other guy has been there for about two years, has an electrical engineering degree, and finally, they just hired one other guy that has en electrical engineering degree as well. So technical obstacles are a piece of cake.

This apparatus is a testing device. We are going to measure with accuracy how our product stands up to our competition's product, and we can't wait to do that.

Its great to be able to make a product, but when you make it well, you must show it, and prove it. So stay tuned on that one.

We will go above and beyond. Our factory is not only good, we are great and we will prove it to all, and our products will speak for themselves.

I didn't know that this man was blind when I took this photo. I just thought it was a guy playing an instrument and it would be a cool photo.

The other photo was just something I couldn't resist either. You should see some of the stuff see people carrying here on their bikes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Steve, this is Sherry from AWN Yonge Street in T.O Just following your blog. Very cool experiences!

9:42 AM  

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