Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Recife then Salvador

Flew to Sao Paulo first, 10 hour flight, then back up 3 hours to Recife, then to Salvador, one hour. Then the next update will be in Rio de Janeiro. Here is the bed from hell in Sao Paulo, I froze my ass off at night and it wasn't very comfy anyway.
Brazil is a third world country, according to the locals which to me also means things are reasonable cheap.
I see a lot of old buildings around. By hey, its fun being here. When in Rome....

My first meal in Sao Paulo, now that is a steak, and I had this for lunch. It was a good as it looks. I had it in an the Yorkville of Sao Paulo.

Marta's model here showing off her bullets. Was very effective. Yes, she is wearing a top. I would have taken more photos of the sex show, but I didn't want to waste the pixels.....seriously it was small, but not bad for a young industry.

Here is my hotel in Recife. Another disaster. You must read the bad stuff as well as the good stuff... I woke up in the morning and ran to the bathroom. It was bad... I went 5 times in a two hour span. I was done. At 5:00pm I went to sleep after trying to walk around this city. I slept until 830pm and woke up in severe pain. It was scary. I'm feeling almost a call to the doctor. Luckily it lasted about 20 Min's or so which felt longer, and it seemed to pass. At this point I have acquired some medicine earlier in the day and had taken it. Anyway, I felt better and walked to try to fine a McDonalds, or Burger King. I found nothing so my meal was in-room Pringles. The photo beside here is showing my best friend...god bless the Brazilians for the hose! Every hotel so far here has this hose. Guess its the cheap mans Bidet I guess.

I didnt' stay in Recife long, basically one full day and I took off to Salvador. Recife was nice but no eats close and very few spoke English.

So Salvador, here is my room. All reviews of hotels were bad. I stayed in a Pousada. I small hotel. They are all over in Brazil. I took the top room in this one that was rated the best. Wow, honestly a great room. I didn't want to leave it. I fell in love. Pool, nice shower, where is my WIFE. I may swim in that pool but even if I don't, its great to look at.

Isn't this a great photo? Sure its not the greatest view of a port, but still its very cool. If this place was close, I'd buy it, that's how much I love being here. The suffering I did before paid off here.




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