Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sao Paulo - Brazil

I couldn’t believe what happened at the airport. For BMS, and a Brazilian customer, named Marta, I brought a shipment with me. All loaded in a big box for her. Ends up being free shipping for her which is huge. Since I travelled business class, it free to carry excess baggage. Marta is someone who originally tried to sell me Brazilian Lingerie, while I was logged into Skype and I talked her into selling sex toys for me. I worked with Marta, and vowed to support her and help develop her business. Then she was too busy to pick me up at the airport, which still was two days away. So I immediately decided that Marta, is someone not worthy of my support anymore. The problem is since I declared the shipment and didn't want to get caught, customs seized the shipment and I had to end up writing a sob sorry to try to get it back and getting it back means just to take it back home. Marta will not get it at all. I think customs is stealing it. Its bad enough there are thieves in the streets, now the government is doing it. What I did was honest and wanted to avoid this hassle by declaring it. Then they steal from me. I will know the verdict on Monday. So Marta, didn't care and is doing her own thing, and I'm going to do my own thing and not be exclusive with her anymore. Something even more weired was the constant repeated Text message from her. Same message over and over...was weird...

So I contacted someone who contacted us before and has a small chain of stores. She immediately offered to pick me up at the airport and have dinner. We will do business with this person. I just saw Marta at the show for a minute and gave her the T-shirts as I promised. The good thing is I met other people which should make the whole trip worth it.

I have been here for 3.5 days now in Sao Paulo. Nice city but driving is crazy. Food is great, as I have been taken out twice for dinner. My hotel was located (thanks to Marta) in a bad area, close to the Mickey Mouse sex show that I did in one hour. The hotel room was always cold and I could never get warm in the middle of the night. Yesterday and today finally got a little warm, but nights are cool and there is no heat to be found here, as it doesn’t get all that cold.

Now, I’m at the airport, business is over and it’s time to explore for a few days. When the Taxi driver dropped me off, he said be careful with the computer. Don’t put it down or it will be gone. I’m off north to Recife which in this part of the world means warmer. Three hours by plane. Who knows what will happen. About Tuesday or Wednesday I will be off to Salvador, which is south of Recife, again, a city by the sea which also has a big Carnival. Then finally, the city we all have heard about, Rio.
I laugh to myself how I will describe Brazil…to the guys. Hey if you are a Tit man, stay north. If you are an ass and hips man, head south to Brazil…

I’m officially a visible minority. A Gringo as they call me. No ass, and burn up just thinking of the sun.



Blogger Daryl Sedore said...

Heh, miss golfing with you. Keep up the great posts. Sorry to hear about what's going on. Good luck to you...


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