Sunday, November 09, 2008

Merry Christmas

Well its that time.

The Everything to do with Sex Show is now over. While Aren't We Naughty did not participate in it this year, we were still there under the Power Bullet brand and the Ultimate Personal Shaver. See the way I see it is this. In 2006, we were large and showed our strength as the King of Adult retailing in Toronto. Are stores are clean and fairly large and that is what image we wanted. Now since AWN dropped out of last years show do to a management change, all the other retailers must have cheered and now the organizers of the Everything to do with Sex Show don't offer us the dominant space and at the price I want. Therefore we will not go in with only 6 booths and give the feeling we are are scaling down.

For us, the show used to be an advertisement. I was proud. Financially having a beautiful booth is a financial killer. I must say, I am proud of my friends over at Lovedreamer, who put a great booth together. Great Job guys. Again, Attractive booths cost money and nobody gives you a break during a show. Small business can't afford it, and that is understandable. What is most important is entertainment for the paying customer who drops 25 bucks. The paying public want to see some Tits and Ass....ummm, and so do I....

Anyway, my teams in booth booths had so much fun and congratulations go out to Kim who busted her butt to contribute to her booth's success. Also to Maggie and her team in the UPS booth. This team went beyond the call of duty and practically shaved anyone who walked by.

The other side of AWN, BMS Enterprises, where I hang my hat, we are in prime form. My team graphics are working hard on a new catalogue and are creating some strikingly nice new clean products with some yummy results. For example, the 5" Executive Power Bullet is my favourite product, and I know what I'm talking about. This will be a lady favourite. It can still fit in any purse, the shape is non offensive, can be used to relieve headaches as well, and can be used as an anal toy as well for first timers. I give it a five star rating.

Our sales for October we up! What is going on? In such a doom and gloom economy, its nice to know we are rockin. We had our best sales ever in October. Our costumes sales were excellent and we are all so proud of our buyer who help contribute to this success.

So our stores are loaded with excellent lingerie for Christmas. Its amazing how many boxes came in to our warehouse. We will have a ton of new things and I know we have created the most Amazing Gift Card in our industry...wait and see....


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